SEN Store launched in PAL regions – purchase PlayStation content from your browser

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It’s been a long time coming but Sony has finally made it possible to purchase PlayStation content from a standard internet browser. The “Sony Entertainment Network Store” bears a striking resemblance to the redesigned PlayStation Store on PS3 and allows you to browse and purchase content that is then added to your PS3, PS Vita or PSP’s download list.

SEN Store

The browser-based Store is only available in certain PAL regions at the moment (South Africa is not one of the countries currently supported) but should be expanded to other territories over the next few weeks. Certain internet browsers such as Opera are not supported at present.

To download purchased content from the SEN Store you’ll need to locate your download list on whatever PlayStation console you’re using and select the desired item. Be sure to read the official FAQ on downloading SEN Store purchases to your PS3 if you run into any trouble.

Head over here to try out the SEN Store for yourself.

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