Latest Far Cry 3 patch improves matchmaking, stops players from falling through the world

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Far Cry 3 launched around the world this week and last, and those who’ve played the open-world sandbox shooter have been singing its praises for days on end, with entertaining tales to tell about their time spent in the game’s sprawling, tropical world.

But like in the story of Far Cry 3, not all is well on the technical side of the Rook Islands and Ubisoft is endeavouring to patch the game and ensure that the only bugs you’ll encounter are those buzzing about your face while exploring the environment.

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The next time you start Far Cry 3, you’ll be given the chance to download patch 1.02 – here’s what the title update will do for you:

Far Cry 3 Patch Notes: 1.02

Multiplayer fixes:


  • Fixed some issues with user created maps when more than 8 players were playing them.
  • Improved matchmaking for both Multiplayer and Co-op modes.
  • Improved team balancing when playing in party.
  • Fixed issues with Live balancing patch system.

Map Editor:

  • Fix for the Map Editor crash at launch when the PC user contains language-specific characters.

Singleplayer fixes:

  • Fixed issue where players fall through the world when not connected to the Ubisoft servers.
  • Fixed the “View Leaderboard” and “Start Trial” buttons in the World Map.
  • Improved stability when quitting to desktop.
  • Fixed issue with leaderboards.

Have you tried the Far Cry 3 patch yet? Have matchmaking issues really been improved? I for one certainly hope so.

Source: Ubisoft Forums

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