Because he closed the doors… Metro: Last Light live-action trailer charts a descent from greatness

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Metro: Last Light Live-Action Banner

We’ve already witnessed two incredible and rather shocking live-action trailers for THQ’s Metro: Last Light, both of which revealed the backstories and current situations of two very different apocalypse survivors.

Seemingly overnight, the fortunes of these individuals were reversed – one for the worse, the other, arguably, for the better – but today we get to see another story play out, and another drastic change for a once respected commander:

Metro: Last Light – Commander’s Survival Diary

Should he have closed the doors so soon?

Metro: Last Light is out in 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC – El33tonline’s extensive previous coverage of this haunting first-person shooter will keep you busy with previews, screenshots, trailers and more information.

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