Latest Dishonored patch available now

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Dishonored Competition Artwork

Bethesda calls the latest patch for Dishonored “the first post-release title update,” even though it’s version 1.2, but we’re not going to argue semantics and instead get a look at what the update fixes and adds to Arkane’s superb stealth-action title.

The Dishonored patch fixes a few issues that hardcore players of the game would definitely want to include in subsequent playthroughs, while PC players are now able to spread the game over more than one screen – check it out:

  • Support for playing the game on multiple screens.
  • Game Settings are now saved and restored properly even when using Steam offline.
  • Fixes for some interactions with Granny Rags that invalidated nonlethal playthroughs under certain circumstances. (Note: These fixes work even for savegames AFTER the final Granny Rags encounter.)
  • Fix for a crash that could happen during loading/transition between areas – notably near Dr. Galvani’s house.
  • Reworked “Choke” interaction to make it more reliable in valid contexts.
  • Fixed minor localization issues (PS3/360).
  • Fixed global post-process that sometimes worked improperly during some missions.
  • Fix for a rare crash that could happen when killing a NPC with a possessed rat and spring razor (PS3/360)

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Source: Bethesda Blog

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