Dragon’s Dogma free title update now available, Hard and Speedrun mode added

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Late last month Capcom revealed details of a title update for Dragon’s Dogma that would add Hard mode and Speedrun mode. The free title update is now available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Keep an eye out for ‘A Trial of Adventurers Challenge Pack’ on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network, not only will you get the two new modes with the downloadable content but you’ll also get new unlockable equipment for each.

Hard mode will increase the difficulty of the game, even if you have completed the game once. According to the publisher this increased difficulty will let you feel a “more solid gameplay experience from the content.” You will get the limited ‘Abyss Outfit’ and ‘Edmun Dragonsbane’s Outfit’ if you complete the game with this mode.

Speedrun mode times how long it takes you to complete one full fun-through of Dragon’s Dogma, and gives you “more tense and exciting feel of the gameplay.” You’ll get the limited ‘Selene’s Outfit’ and ‘Barnaby’s Outfit’ if you complete the game with this mode.

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