CoD: Black Ops 2 hits $1 billion in revenue, overtaking Modern Warfare 3 and Avatar

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 took 16 days to generate $1 billion in worldwide revenue. Avatar (the movie) accomplished the same task in 17 days.

Why are we laying out these numbers? For comparison and a sense of scale, of course, because Activision has today announced that the publisher’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has overtaken both of these entertainment properties by reaching the same sales mark even faster.

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It wasn’t by much, but according to internal company estimates and retail sell-through information from UK-based sales tracking firm, Chart Track, Black Ops 2 hit the $1 billion revenue mark in just 15 days, putting to rest any concern over pundits’ claims that the latest game in the Call of Duty series has failed to be as successful as previous entries.

There’s no word on unit sales, however, and due to the fact that the game was offered in a variety of different SKUs (stock-keeping units) of varying cost, the game remains initially more successful in pure revenue than audience. At least until Activision lets us know exact numbers, that is.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick said of the feat:

“The release of Call of Duty has been one of the most significant entertainment events of each of the last six years. Since Call of Duty was launched, cumulative franchise revenues from players around the world are greater than current worldwide box office receipts to date for the top-10 grossing films of 2012 combined.

“Life-to-date sales for the Call of Duty franchise have exceeded worldwide theatrical box office receipts for Harry Potter and Star Wars, the two most successful movie franchises of all time,” Kotick continued.

Did you contribute to this $1 billion in revenue mark for Black Ops 2?

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