A delightful Pikmin 3 gameplay video to show why you need a Wii U

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If there was one reason I wanted to own a GameCube years ago, it was because of Pikmin. On the surface, it and its sequel were micro-management based strategy-lite games where you were tasked with guiding and herding a group of plant-like creatures (the Pikmin) around garden landscapes to accomplish sets of goals.

Beneath that surface, however, there was so much more.

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The Pikmin games were delightful – pure and simple. Taking direct control of the main character (Captain Olimar), while sending Pikmin off to complete tasks and mixing and matching the differently coloured creatures to traverse obstacles and defeat wonderfully imaginative enemies (both insect- and bug-like in nature) in a sprawling garden environment was an awesome, new and inspired experience.

Pikmin also became Nintendo (and Shigeru Miyamoto’s) first new intellectual property in years – it was great to see such creativity from the company after relying so heavily on Zelda, Mario, Wario and other properties.

Pikmin 3 Screenshot 11

The next entry to the Pikmin series arrives on Wii U next year in the form of Pikmin 3, and even though it’s looking very similar gameplay-wise when compared to the first two games, there seem to be more than enough exciting additions to the world of the Pikmin to make it magical all over again.

Lisa had the chance to play Pikmin 3 at E3 this year and her hands-on preview of the game perfectly encapsulates what is so wonderful and delightful (there’s that word again) about the title, but if you need further convincing you can watch a recently-aired gameplay video shown during the latest Nintendo Direct livestream:

Pikmin 3 – Nintendo Direct Gameplay

Is Pikmin 3 enough to make you want a Wii U? Has a single game ever got you excited enough to convince you to buy a console, simply to play that game?

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