Halo 4: Spartan Ops Episode 5 out now – ‘secrets revealed, trusts betrayed’

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We’re up to the half-way mark today with the release of the fifth episode in Halo 4’s Spartan Ops co-operative missions, and this time you can expect to discover a few secrets, as well as find out if there’s a traitor in your midst…

Halo 4 Banner Logo 5

Spartan Ops: Episode 5 includes four missions this time around and is now accessible via Halo 4’s menus. Here’s the official description for the conent:

“Secrets are revealed, trusts betrayed, and the Sangheili leader Jul ‘Mdama’s ultimate plan nears success. As Infinity’s command crew makes a discovery that changes everything we thought we knew about the Forerunner Prometheans, the Spartans must attempt to rescue one of their own.”

Spartan Ops Episode 5 Trailer

Where are you up to in the Spartan Ops missions so far? Are you all up-to-date or lagging behind the releases?

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