El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Happy Wii U Launch Day!

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It’s a very happy day today, because Nintendo’s Wii U has now launched around many more places around the world to find its way onto store shelves in Europe, South Africa and Australia… all before flying off of those shelves and into the hands of excited gamers!

Are you one of those people eager to get their hands on a Wii U today? If so, you’re in good company!

As we dream about the prospects of going on another adventure with Mario and creeping through the darkness fending off zombies in ZombiU, you can find out what else members of El33tonline will be up to this weekend:


“The last few weeks have operated on a schedule of rainy weekdays followed by sunny weekends, but now it seems as though this particular ecosystem cycle has been flipped on its head!

With all this rain about, I’ll be keeping indoors over the break and working on my Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed review while trying to finish up Dino Crisis on my PS Vita. I just can’t seem to get enough of all the old-school survival horrors that graced the original PlayStation!

I hope you all enjoy the weekend p33ps!”

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Thankfully, 60% of my Christmas shopping is done so I can almost get ready for the right spirit of Christmas.

(As an aside, I really dislike the fact that Christmas becomes a shopping-spree season rather than a happy celebratory season with family and personal reflection and joyfulness and so on, but I digress.)

Every year around this time my heart longs for a return to the white chilly streets of New York City but I know that is just a pipe dream (for now) so I’ll instead have to delve even further back in my life and kick into some Midway Arcade classics. This was a game I had on my Christmas wishlist so El33tonline has treated me to an early Christmas present (thanks guys! Thanks Chief-Ed-Ma’am!).

And of course, after all my plans go to pot because of baby-minding and sleepless nights, I can at least look forward to some quality time with family and good friends… and maybe if our respective kids behave themselves in the evening, some co-op Gauntlet with my best bud, Oltman Botha (you may have heard of him).”

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“As the rain comes tumbling down again here in Durban, I’m looking forward to time with friends in the physical and virtual realms this weekend, which means opportunities to relax as well as delve deeper into the heart of Pandora in Borderlands 2. With the addition of Mr. Torgue, that world has become an even crazier place…

I may just be able to sneak a peek at a Wii U this weekend, too, but most of all I’ll be trying to lay low in preparation for a deluge of cool things on El33tonline next week. Stay tuned and I hope you have a great time over the next two days!”

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“Today is the last day of November. This means that we can’t deny any longer that 2012 is drawing to a close, Christmas is nearly upon us, and we all still have a massive backlog of games to enjoy this holiday.

Today is also the day that the new Nintendo Wii U console launches across Europe and South Africa. This means that we’re all a part of another piece of history in the videogame world, that we have new experiences to look forward to, and even more games to add to our backlog!

All in all, today is a good day, and serves as a reminder to me of how awesome it is to be a gamer. It’s going to be even better in 2013 p33ps, so hold on and enjoy this crazy ride with us here at El33tonline.

Have an awesome weekend!”

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What are your plans for the weekend, everybody?

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