Devilish Details: Crysis 3 behind-the-scenes video discusses Crytek’s painstaking work

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It’s a commonly held belief that the Crysis series from Crytek plays host to some of the most jaw-dropping videogame visuals around, with incredible attention to detail and larger-than-life setpieces combining to create astounding new play spaces to discover.

Do you know what goes into the making of a Crysis game, though? Do you know about the kind of back-breaking work that the developers at Crytek go through in order to bring the team’s high fidelity visions to life?

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Creators Project (a global initiative by VICE and Intel) and Kill Screen have banded together to discover what goes into the creation of Crysis 3, and will continue on their journey to talk to developers behind Forza Horizon, Dance Central 3, Gears of War: Judgement and more, soon

For now, though, watch this fascinating behind-the-scenes video speaking with the team behind Crysis 3 to find out about what makes up a game engine, why we look through a lens in first-person shooters, and how to paint grass into a level:

Behind The Scenes of Crysis 3 with Kill Screen

Crysis 3 is out in February 2013 across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC – check out El33tonline’s vast previous coverage of the action-packed first-person shooter, and be sure to read both of Lisa’s hands-on previews (singleplayer and multiplayer) to learn a whole lot more about what to expect from the title.

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