Crushing Company of Heroes 2 trailer reveals an RTS war like no other

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Company of Heroes 2 forms part of a phalanx of exciting real-time strategy games due for release in 2013, and if you ever enjoyed (or were even slightly intrigued by) the original Company of Heroes games from Relic, then you’ll do well to take note of the studio’s follow-up.

Company of Heroes 2 Banner Logo

Peter was lucky enough to play the game at gamescom in Germany earlier this year and was especially impressed by the variety of tactics on offer as you move your armed forces through the snow and over treacherous ice, all while ensuring your troops don’t freeze to death.

The weather is definitely another foe to contend with in Company of Heroes 2 – a fact that is showcased very well in this all-new gameplay trailer:

Company of Heroes 2 – Turning Point Trailer

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