Battlefield Friday War Cry: Going for Domination

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I had a very bad time towards the end in our last Battlefield 3 Friday. I still had epic fun, but losing one’s tags twelve times in two matches was a bit much for me. I will avenge my tags this evening, though, but my tag hunting skills have been slipping ever since I discovered how a gun really works.

Battlefield Friday

The other question we have to ask ourselves, will Griff3nZA get closer to his positive K/D ratio or will his progress be put on hold. Seeing that I know what a mission it is to get to a positive K/D, I will help and support him where I can. We will move as one unit and secure victory!

Last week we secured victory five times in a row and ended the evening with a win. A win like that can only be made possible when you have the awesome support of your squad, so tonight will be no different. We will take to the busy buildings in Close Quarters for some epic action. Some will say all the glass must die. But maybe we will mix it up with some Rush or some Armoured Kill action.

Join me, POItjie, and my squad Smuroh, Griff3nZA, RowanatorZA and GunnerJunkie this evening from 8:15pm on Xbox LIVE and we will do what we do best: Enjoy ourselves in Battlefield 3 and do our utmost to secure victory!

Please note: you will have to download the latest Multiplayer update to make sure you will be able to join our matches.

See you all on the Battlefield. Remember: Feel the Battle!

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