Free PS Vita app Travel Bug available now, launch trailer explores game concept

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Travel Bug Screenshot 1

Sony’s Discovery app series for PS Vita is designed to offer players with regular free apps that showcase some of the handheld’s innovative features. The most recent of these is Travel Bug from UK studio Lucid Games – an app that makes great use of the PS Vita’s Near functionality to ferry virtual bugs between players who use the service.

This innovative concept is complemented by online leaderboards, bug customisation options and light virtual pet gameplay mechanics. You’ll also be able to follow the journey of every bug you help transport by means of photos that are taken when the bug is dropped off at a new location.

If all this sounds a bit complicated, take a look at Travel Bug’s launch trailer for a clearer overview of the options at your disposal once you’ve downloaded the app:

Travel Bug is available now from the European PlayStation Store free of charge.

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Source: PlayStation Blog Europe

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