Incredible Far Cry 3 launch trailer includes 10 minutes of gameplay footage

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Far Cry 3 launches for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC across Europe today, with the UK following tomorrow and North America on December 4th.

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The game features a riveting singleplayer campaign packed with side-missions and addictive sandbox gameplay, as well as competitive multiplayer. It also includes an intense co-op campaign for up to four players that features a new cast of characters and a storyline that takes place six months before the events of the main plot.

Players will step into the shoes of Jason Brody, a man whose friends are taken captive while vacationing on a mysterious island. Brody will need to embrace the island’s dark secrets to rescue his companions, an act that ultimately will push him to the limit and ask the question, “how far will you go to get your friends back?”

Far Cry 3 Screenshot 1

You can get an in-depth look at the game’s modes, along with 10 minutes of gameplay footage, in the new launch trailer. It introduces you to the North Island factions, the South Island mercenaries as well as the guns and weapons you’ll be able to get your hands on in the game.

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