Far Cry 3 day one patch – get the details here

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Ubisoft has announced news of a day one patch for the PC version of Far Cry 3. Details of the patch were released alongside the launch trailer, which you can watch over here.

Far Cry 3 Screenshot 1

Patch 1.01 on PC is described by the publisher as “a critical update that needs to be installed in order to benefit from an optimal game experience.”

The patch contains a number of singleplayer fixes as well as improving overall stability and performance for both the multiplayer and singleplayer components of the game. It also fixes issues in the map editor, co-op, and PVP.

Find out full details for the patch on the game’s official website.

Far Cry 3 launches for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC across Europe today, with the UK following tomorrow and North America on December 4th.

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