El33t’s Question of the Day: When should developers quit a franchise?

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There’s a good chance that we’ve all been fans of a series of games that perhaps overstayed its welcome. A series that could have done with just one less entry to the franchise.

Or perhaps it should never have become a series in the first place – isn’t one incredible game enough? Shouldn’t developers acknowledge that it would only hurt their creations to continue to add to it?

Marius Nell would like to put this Question of the Day to the community:

When should developers quit a franchise?

Tim Schafer (Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango) knows about this phenomenon all too well having created only a handful of sequels in his time, never going beyond the boundaries of what the franchise can sustain. Although some might argue that the market wouldn’t have supported sequels to his earlier games.

Should Bioshock have received a sequel? Should Duke Nukem 3D have ever got the follow-up it did?

Even with the potential to create something better and more enjoyable the next time, should developers know when to quit a franchise after creating a game that ends a series on a high note? How can developers just say no to publishers yearning for a follow-up to a commercially and critically successful title?

This Question of the Day was suggested by Marius Nell – thanks Marius!

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