Sample Virtua Fighter 2 in the Yakuza 5 demo

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This week Sega released arcade classic Virtua Fighter 2 on the PlayStation Network for $4.99. Unfortunately the game doesn’t have a trial or demo on PSN so you’ll be ‘buying blind’ if you’ve never played it.

Virtua Fighter 2 Screenshot 1

Thankfully there’s still a way to sample Virtua Fighter 2 on PS3 because a portion of it is included in the Yakuza 5 demo released on the Japanese PlayStation Store yesterday.

To play three rounds of Virtua Fighter 2 with any character from the game’s original roster simply load up the Yakuza 5 demo and look for the Sega arcade that is located just down the road from where your character starts off. Inside the arcade are a few unoccupied Virtua Fighter 2 cabinets and select one of these to launch what is essentially a demo inside a demo.

The full version of Yakuza 5 features the complete Virtua Fighter 2 arcade port with online play as an added bonus.

Let us know how you find Virtua Fighter 2’s ‘secret’ demo in the comments section below.

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