Gangnam Style available now for Dance Central 3, as well

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Just Dance 4 players may have gone through the song and dance last week, but now today Harmonix has just released the world phenomenon track, Gangnam Style, for Dance Central 3 to put the studio’s own spin on the craze.

Dance Central 3 Banner Image

Here’s the official description:

“This month Harmonix brings one of this year’s most requested songs to Dance Central 3 with PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style.’ [Dancers] will be able to download the routine, which features iconic and unforgettable moves fans will recognize from PSY’s music video and live performances!

“With over 800 million YouTube views, ‘Gangnam Style’ and its energetic choreography is the perfect fit for Dance Central 3’s authentic choreography and accurate, best-in-class motion detection!”

Gangnam Style is now available for Dance Central 3, for 240 MS Points on Xbox LIVE Marketplace – see the track in action below:

Dance Central 3: Gangnam Style

Do you Oppa?

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