Battlefield 3 patch goes live today – PS3 input lag improved, weapon balancing included

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Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Screenshot 1

Battlefield 3 players on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are due for a very important multiplayer update a little later today, when the fifth title update arrives for EA and DICE’s military shooter.

Included in the mix of fixes, additions and balances is the promise of improved input lag for PlayStation 3 players, weapon changes, medal tweaks and audio attention. The full list of updates arriving with today’s Battlefield 3 patch follow below:

1) Addressed “input lag” on PS3

  • If you have been experiencing “input lag” playing Battlefield 3 on PlayStation 3, we now believe we have significantly improved this situation for all players.

2) Improved audio stability on PS3

  • The audio dropouts reported by some PlayStation 3 gamers playing Battlefield 3 should now be fixed for the majority of players .

3) Weapons balancing

  • Based on detailed community feedback and data analysis we have made some minor weapon tweaks to recoil and accuracy. The goal of these tweaks, and the overall goal in Battlefield 3, is to give each weapon a unique feel and competitive performance to other weapons of a similar type.

  • M416: First shot and horizontal recoil slightly increased. This should make the choice between M16 and M416 more interesting again.

  • L85A2: Slightly reduced horizontal recoil.

  • AUG: first shot recoil slightly to increase weapon controllability.

  • FAMAS: Slightly reduced horizontal recoil.

  • G53: Vertical recoil reduced to make this weapon more controllable.

  • QBZ-95B: Slightly reduced horizontal recoil.

  • LSAT: Hip accuracy has been increased to highlight the weapon’s role as a highly mobile LMG.

  • Type88 LMG: Recoil has been decreased to make it a viable option when compared to the M249.

  • M5K: Increased horizontal recoil and decreased vertical recoil to focus this weapon as a high damage, low control PDW.

  • UMP45: Decreased fully automatic fire to differentiate this weapon from the PP2000.

  • MP412: Increased its accuracy to better distinguish it from the .44 Magnum.

  • M26: Increased aimed accuracy to be in line with the other shotguns.

4) Weapons bug fixes

  • Fixed the MTAR’s range not being correctly reduced when equipped with the sound suppressor.

  • Fixed a bug where suppressive fire had reduced effect on the M16 and M5K when compared with other weapons.

  • Fixed a bug where the M5K’s Flash Suppressor had no effect on accuracy.

  • Fixed the L86A2 Heavy Barrel’s hip accuracy penalty being far larger than other weapons.

  • Fixed an issue with the Mk3 shotgun’s ACOG being low resolution.

5) M-COM disarm fix

  • Fixed an issue where M-COM stations couldn’t be disarmed from the left side while standing up.

6) Alborz Mountains rock fix

  • Rocks and stones collision tweaked on Armored Kill maps. Players should no longer be able to exploit a collision issue that allowed them to hide inside rock formations.

7) Operation Shield/Alborz Mountains Tank Superiority area fix

  • Tank Superiority visual combat areas fixed on Operation Shield and Alborz Mountains. There was earlier a 10

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