Battlefield Friday War Report: Shattered Glass

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Last week’s Battlefield Friday was epic and everyone made sure the dream stayed alive. I had my Halo 4 Tournament match early in the evening and just missed out of going through to the next round, but it was all good fun. I made some new friends and had some friendly matches afterwards, but then BF3 Friday started and we moved over to the battlefield.

Battlefield Friday War Report Banner

Playing Halo for a couple of hours before hand made playing Battlefield 3 bit more challenging than normal as I was very rusty with the controls, but I managed to get the rust off quickly and managed to get some epic kills in. I started to get more kills than deaths and I am finally back at a positive Kill/death ratio.

Griff3nZA was on a mission to get to a positive K/D, so after every match he made notes of how the number is coming down – we did everything possible to help him with his mission! He was revived all over the show, no matter the danger or where he was. I even ran across the whole battlefield to get to him to revive him, but didn’t make it in time due to some some battles holding me back from entering the area.

Then some weird things happened…

Battlefield 3 Tag Taking

We all jumped over to an official server for Close Quarters, but we had to wait for five soldiers to join the server so it could start. The map was Ziba Towers and everyone knows there are loads of windows, so we all made it our mission to destroy everything made of glass. GunnerJunkie even worked on his tan and took a timeout as he was out of ammo. Griff3nZA and myself jumped over to the opposite team and played some knife tag, which is when the server started to fill up and we where underway.

Then something happened: I told everyone I won’t speak about this, but to make me feel better I will tell you all – it was a case of the Hunted and the Hunters. I was the Hunted and everyone else were the Hunters! I managed to claim a new BF3 member’s tags, named RazorbladeZA, but then it was downhill from there because the new tag snagging champion had come to the plate.

GunnerJunkie has taken my tags countless times and between him and RowanatorZA I’ve lost my tags 12 times within two matches. I am not sure if Griff3nZA was successful at claiming RazorbladeZA’s tags, but I remember one match where we played Gun Master and he just ranked up to the PP-19, but Smuroh demoted him by knifing him. The screams and laughter that came across the Xbox LIVE party were epic.

Thanks to everyone for making Battlefield 3 Friday so much fun. I had an epic time and I’m already looking forward to this Friday!

Soldiers on the Battlefield:

  • POItjie
  • Griff3nZA
  • GunnerJunkie
  • Smuroh
  • RazorbladeZA
  • RowanatorZA
  • DrtV8derZA

See you all on the battlefield. Feel The Battle.

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