Announcing the El33t P33p of the Month for October 2012!

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We’re very pleased to once again draw the attention of El33tonline’s awesome community to a single individual who has over the last few weeks (and months) been a great inspiration to us, as well as an ever-present motivator to continue to strive for excellence in our writing… and a reason to sharpen our wits!

Today, we’re proud to announce the El33t P33p of the Month for October 2012 – let us find out who it may be…

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Congratulations to Lyle Arends (aka LAblak22) for becoming El33tonline’s latest El33t P33p of the Month! He first won the title earlier this year in April, and is now our El33t P33p of the Month for October 2012!

Lyle is a constant font of lightning-fast quips and razor-sharp comments that we honestly try our best to keep up with, but there are often times that he manages to catch us out, leaving us reeling as a deep realisation and understanding dawns… and then we double over in laughter.

Lyle is also good enough to share his wit on Facebook and Twitter (if you’re deemed cool enough, that is), and we always look forward to our daily does of Lyle wisdom as he contributes to discussions and debates on El33tonline.

El33tonline thanks you for sharing your wonderful sense of humour with the us and the community – as a small token of our appreciation, you’ll soon receive 20GB of Afrihost-sponsored ADSL bandwidth, as well as a points voucher for the digital distribution service of your choice (Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network… but we’re going to guess PSN again…).

You’ve also earned yourself a(nother) place on the El33t P33p Wall of Fame!

Congratulations Lyle!

Thank-you to all members of the El33tonline community for your daily comments, contributions and feedback, as well as your support of our community initiatives like Gears of War Wednesday and Battlefield Friday.

We really do cherish every comment, Facebook conversation and Twitter tweet! Thanks go to everyone in this excellent community – keep doing what you do best!

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