New Halo 4 multiplayer modes to be introduced next week

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If your Halo 4 teammates have been letting you down in some of the game’s team-based multiplayer modes of late then you can look forward to new free-for-all game types being added to the mix from next week.

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The Free-For-All Throwback playlist will go live on Monday, November 26th, and features lone-wolf variants of the Oddball and King of the Hill game types.

The playlist will feature five maps – Haven, Abandon, Adrift, Complex and Solace – and up to eight players can go head-to-head in matches lasting 12 minutes each. The Oddball game type requires players to rack up 100 points to win while King of the Hill matches are won by accumulating 50 points.

Halo Waypoint’s Jessica Shea sounded a warning to players with the following message:

“If you’ve been dominating these modes with teammates, see how the game changes when it’s every Spartan for themselves.”

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