Help Xbox 360 South Africa improve Xbox LIVE – suggest missing games now!

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While Xbox 360 gamers in South Africa are overall grateful that the country can boast its very own version of Xbox LIVE Marketplace with official support from Microsoft SA, those selfsame gamers have been very vocal about all of the content that they miss out on, compared to their US and UK counterparts.

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Xbox 360 South Africa has today sent out the word that its looking to the local gaming community for help in improving the country’s Xbox LIVE Marketplace by asking for suggestions on the missing games and downloadable content you most want to see on the service.

You can make your way to the official site and type in your suggestions of content you would like to see appearing on South Africa’s Xbox LIVE Marketplace in the future – it’s very easy.

While its not guaranteed your selected content will be added, the Xbox 360 South Africa team headed by Graeme Selvan is definitely keeping an eye on the situation – minutes after typing in my suggestions (Bastion and Iron Brigade), the games were added to the currently growing list of approved entries – they’re listening!

Help Xbox 360 South Africa improve the local Marketplace today! What are some games and content you would like to see appear in the future?

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