El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Hoping for sunshine, watching for rain

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Can you feel it? It’s almost, almost time for the weekend to begin and the next two days (and Friday evening) will once again be filled with videogame revelry and, if the weather allows it, some chill time outside in the sun.

We’re hoping the promised Durban rain doesn’t materialise, but if it does, we’ve got more than enough activities to keep us occupied what with technological entertainment, hectic shopping sprees and more to attend to.

Find out what members of El33tonline are busy with this weekend, and be sure to let us know about your plans, too:


“It’s been a rainy week but today the sun is shining and looks set to do so all weekend long. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be getting up to over the break, to be honest, but there’ll definitely be some rugby-watching, game-playing and review-writing featured in my Weekend Playlist.

Have fun everyone!”

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Complain about how this happy season has become commercialised and renamed to ‘holiday season.’

Panic some more about the pressure of present shopping. Spend time with family. Watch some rugby. Do some online shopping. Squeeze in some gaming (hopefully ;)). Eventually calm down.


Happy Holidays From Santa


“Birthday Party, Birthday Party, Birthday Party. Working

School prep for my youngest ‒ he’s going into Grade R next year. Working

Gaming ‒ Fifa 13 and AssCreed 1, 2, 3 (I forgot how boring Assassins Creed 1 gets but I am determined to finish it before starting 2). Oh ‒ then a bit of work.”

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“With beach plans all but dashed thanks to a dreary looking forecast, it’s going to be time for me to retreat to the wonderful world of games and perhaps make an attempt at the back catalogue while working through some new titles.

A return to Pandora with my co-op buddies is on the cards, too, and I’m also on the hunt for a good multi-purpose gaming headset so El33tonline’s current and future accessory reviews will come in handy there.

Enjoy the weekend, everybody!”

Buddy Up For Borderlands 2!


“I’m hoping that the sun comes out to play this weekend, it sure would be nice to head to the beach and soak up some vitamin D! In terms of gaming I’m hoping to spend some more time with Borderlands 2, F1 Race Stars and Epic Mickey 2. Nice and simple, gaming and sun!”

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What is everyone else up to this weekend? Let us know, below!

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