El33t Hobbies – The Round-up Issue: Find out about your fellow p33ps!

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Earlier this year we put out the call to the lovely El33tonline community to tell us more about yourselves outside of the realm of gaming – if you’re reading El33tonline, there’s a 99.99 percent chance that you already share a hobby and passion with the rest of the community, but we wanted to know what you enjoy doing that isn’t related to playing games.

We received ten awesome submissions from our friends and readers, and discovered so many interesting morsels of information that we were very excited to share with the rest of you.

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We would like to once again tell the rest of the community about these fantastic individuals, but at the same time remind everyone that we are still chomping to find out about your hobbies and pastimes, too. Read over our round-up of the first ten entries to our El33t Hobbies feature series and then don’t hesitate to tell us about yourself:

Craig Gordon

“My main and only hobby is motorcycles,” writes Craig. “I have been riding for 20 years this year and attended lots of rallies in places as far as Swaziland, Richards Bay and Port Elizabeth.”

John Tidwell

“As far as hobbies go, you’re already familiar with one,” John concedes. “My following of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). I’ve been a fan for over five years now.”

Fayyaad Hendricks

“In my time that I’m not gaming or writing game reviews, I write, draw, and paint (both digitally and with regular paints),” Fayyaad tells us. “I also compose a little music when I’m in the mood, and when I have a piano nearby (I don’t at current, and this makes me somewhat sad).”

Lyle Arends

“I’ve been drawing since I was like 3 or 4 and have been my whole life,” Lyle tells us. “I stopped in 2009/2010 and never really tried any big pieces. But I decided ‘Screw that’ earlier in the year and picked up the infamous pencil, fine-liners, erasers and tried to see if I still had it. And what do you know: I did: somewhat.”

Brendon Bosch

“For years now I’ve been listening to Hip Hop and I started my humble beginnings with the Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes debut albums,” says Brendon. “I think that was back in 1994 if memory serves me.”

Gian-Paolo Buffo

“I am quite comfortable with my inner geek,” writes Gian. “I lurv me some books and board games! That big box is from the World of Warcraft Board Game: just as fun as the real thing, and slightly more within my price range.”

Nadine Franzsen

“Firstly, I have my obsession with U2,” admits Nadine. “The band that is,” she further clarifies. “Anyone who knows me well will know I absolutely love this band. Now most people would not call a band a hobbie of theirs, but to me, U2 is.”

Noelle Adams

“I think it’s safe to say that with many (probably too many) interests and hobbies I’m hardly ever bored,” says Noelle. “There’s the expected “geeky stuff” I enjoy ‒ videogames, movies and comics/graphic novels ‒ but there are other pastimes that I plunge plenty of time into as well.”

Brandon October

“OK first, gaming is part of my hobby,” Brandon writes, “but outside that, some things I used to love doing were art, drawing cartoony stuff, I even did a story of a little woodelf – it’s not finished, but that one I’m not showing kind of a secret hehehehe.”

Pieter de Bruyn

“Everybody that saw the El33t Cribs post a couple of months back, knows I have a very small gaming collection so I need some hobbies to fill up my time. I’m a huge fan of gaming and what is better than collecting geek styled stuff for my ‘Man Cave.’”

Thanks for your submissions, everybody, and thank-you for telling us more about your fascinating lives!

Would you like to share your hobbies, interests and pastimes with the El33tonline community? You can find what we’re looking for over here, and you can send your information through to oliver[@]

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