Battlefield Friday War Cry: The dream lives on

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There is a dream that all soldiers have. That dream is to fight and make sure he or she is the best soldier on the battlefield – and that dream is still alive! “But how?” you ask yourself. Well for starters, we have Battlefield Friday to prove to the world we are here to fight for victory.

Battlefield Friday

We will fight alongside each other, we will move as one unit and most importantly we will enjoy the sweet, sweet victory at the end. If we don’t get victory, it will not dampen our spirits, we will just get back into the battle and fight harder than before! Will you join us in this fight for victory? Will you help us keep this dream alive?

Join us tonight from 8:15pm on Xbox LIVE and show us what you are made of. Join soldiers like POItjie, Smuroh, Griff3nZA and CrazyErick, who will support you all the way to the end.

But remember this one important rule: Make sure you have fun when fighting. Feel the battle!

(Special Note: Due to the on-going Halo 4 tournament, some of us might be bit late to the battlefield… but not too late, we will make sure we arrive on the battlefield with a big entrance!)

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