Dying of the Light: Metro: Last Light live action video reveals a preacher’s resolve and rise to power

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Metro: Last Light Banner Logo - Preacher

We’ve already seen some impressive live action trailers and commercials from THQ to further envelope us in the publisher’s immersive game worlds, with videos for both Metro: Last Light and Darksiders II doing their part to drum up anticipation.

Metro: Last Light has received another live action trailer today, this time focussing on the preacher character whom we saw screaming and shouting in the previous video. What’s the shaggy-haired fellow up to now that everyone’s retreated to the ‘safety’ of Russia’s metro system?

Seems as though his ability to predict the future has finally caught the eye of the public. Now in the time during the events of Metro: Last Light, this preacher holds a lot of power and commands the attention of the metro’s denizens.

Watch the latest incredible Metro: Last Light live action feature below:

Metro: Last Light – Preacher Survivor Diary

Metro: Last Light has unfortunately been delayed past its early 2013 release, but you can spend some time looking over El33tonline’s extensive previous coverage with previews, screenshots, trailers and more information waiting for you.

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