South African-developed ‘Bladeslinger’ out now for iOS devices

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San Francisco-based Kerosene Games and South African development studio Luma Arcade have just released a brand new iOS and Android action game, and it looks incredible.

Bladeslinger Banner Logo 2

Titled ‘Bladeslinger,’ the game is billed as a third-person action brawler and challenges players to overcome enemies in combat comprising both ranged and close quarters encounters.

Bladeslinger has a distinct Old West look and feel to it, but as you’ll see in the trailer below, the iconic dusty towns and canyons have been overrun by a dark, alien presence…

Here’s the story setup:

“Set in a dystopic alternate future in the fictional town of Hammer’s Peak, the narrative follows William Glaston as he returns home after many years of war to find his home town has undergone nightmarish changes.”

Bladeslinger – Official Release Trailer

Get yourself over to iTunes to get Bladeslinger now!

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