Gears of War Wednesday: Who will rescue us from Europe tonight?

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Gears of War Wednesday Banner

Despite a switch of servers and defaulting back to foreign dependencies, Gears of War Wednesday continues and last week there was a strong contingent of players battling it out online.

We don’t expect tonight to be any different, so we’re hoping players with healthy connections will help with hosting a few games as Jody did last week, so we can continue to have some fun with local players across Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Guardian and others.

Hop onto Xbox LIVE tonight from 20:00 (South African) and jump into Gears of War 3 for more epic matches during Gears of War Wednesday – look out for usual suspects jGLZA, El33tOliver, LeeLooZA and Numphie, as well as regular players (a list of whom you can find over here).

Hope to see you tonight!

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