El33t’s Question of the Day: THQ is in trouble – who should buy them?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

Game publisher THQ is in a fair amount of financial trouble – we’ve known this for a few years now, ever since the company began cutting its casual slate of titles and started to focus on ‘core’ titles like Saints Row, Homefront, Red Faction, the WWE series, Darksiders, the Metro series, its Warhammer games, Company of Heroes and the upcoming South Park RPG.

There’s been a lot of personnel shuffling at the top, but more recently the publisher’s major games have all been delayed while defaulting on a $50 million loan. Desperate plans are afoot to keep the company alive, but there might be another way… this Question of the Day asks:

Who should buy THQ, or its properties?

Which publishers might be interested in acquiring THQ and which of them would be a good fit for that publisher’s franchises? Square Enix? Ubisoft? Would EA or Activision even consider it (and do they have the cash to make the purchase?)

Or might we see another non-gaming entity purchase THQ? Disney might not want mature-rated games in its line-up, and there’s been a bit of skittishness from large media companies with regards to the videogame business, but anything’s possible.

Do you think we would instead see THQ selling off some of its licenses and developers, and then doubling down on Saints Row, for example, to try to rebuild again?

What do you see in the future of THQ?

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