Hitman: Absolution costume DLC outed, Deus Ex: HR suit revealed

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Hitman Absolution Banner Logo 2

Even before he’s been allowed into the wild to do his ‘good’ work in Hitman: Absolution, Agent 47 will have access to some new (and even futuristic) threads to keep his wardrobe fresh and stylish.

Siliconera reports that three of Hitman: Absolution’s pre-order bonus outfits for Agent 47 will be made available as downloadable content for the game very soon, while a fourth all-new costume has been revealed, too.

This outfit is inspired by that of Deus Ex: Human Revolution protagonist Adam Jensen, and will include a Deus Ex weapon for use in the game.

Here’s what the previously revealed outfits look like:

Hitman: Absolution DLC Costume Image 1

Hitman: Absolution DLC Costume Image 2

Hitman: Absolution DLC Costume Image 3

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