Halo 4: Spartan Ops Episode 3 out now – what’s Catherine got to do with it? Trailer reveals her part

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The third set of Spartan Ops missions for Halo 4 is now ready and available for you to dive into, with a whole new CG cinematic to enjoy and more intriguing adventures to embark upon.

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Following on from Artifact last week, this new set of missions is titled ‘Catherine,’ and comprises missions called ‘The VIP,’ ‘Galileo,’ ‘Spartan Mountain,’ ‘Shootout in Valhalla’ and ‘Hunting Trip.’

Here’s the story setup:

“Some call Dr. Catherine Halsey a war criminal, others believe her creation of the Spartans saved humanity from extinction. Whatever you believe, right now she is the UNSC Infinity’s only hope to understand the mysterious artifact retrieved from Requiem, and she needs your boots on the ground to get more intel, Spartan.”

Watch the teaser trailer for Spartan Ops Episode 3 now and jump into the new missions ASAP:

Halo 4 – Spartan Ops Episode 3 Trailer

What do you think of the Spartan Ops episodes for Halo 4 so far? There are seven more to go, over the next seven weeks.

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