Battlefield Friday War Cry: War with a twist

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Tonight’s Battlefield Friday will have a small twist to it because tonight is the beginning of South Africa’s biggest Halo 4 Tournament for the Lone Wolf Players – it starts at 7pm and ends at 11pm.

Tonight at 7:20pm Smuroh will be the first BF3 Soldier to jump in to the Tournament, so he will be on the battlefield at 8:15pm. My match in the tournament kicks off at 8pm, so I will be bit late for my battles, but I will be there.

Battlefield Friday: Gangnam Style

Last week I was MIA due to travels etc., but tonight I will be back in action and ready to take on the world. It’s not going to be easy, I will need full support from my squad of El33t Soldiers. Will you revive me when I’m down? Will you repair my jeep when it’s broken? Will you take my tags if you are against me?

Join us this evening for some epic Battlefield Friday action like only we can provide. We might not be professionals, but in our own way we are El33t Pros. Join the ranks with Super Soldiers like CrazyErick, Piglet DE, Griff3nZA, Smuroh and yours truly, POItjie.

The action will kick off at 8:15pm this evening on Xbox LIVE, so come feel the battle with us and help us secure victory. Most of all, let us have an awesome fun time. Be aware that GunnerJunkie might be lurking and looking for some tags, and don’t forget the Rowing Terminator we call RowanatorZA.

See you all on the Battlefield!

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