Unbelievable Crysis 3 gameplay video and screens slacken the jaw

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In the month of November alone, there’s been some exciting happenings for Crytek and Crysis.

Not only has the German studio’s excellent first-person shooter franchise turned five years old (with cake-based celebrations to mark the occasion), but the amazing Hunter Edition was recently announced, too, with the first game being given away if you pre-order.

What else is new for Crysis? How about some jaw-dropping new Crysis 3 gameplay footage and screenshots? Thought you might like that…

Crysis 3 Screenshot 1

In a brand new six minute gameplay video for Crysis 3 we’re taken to ‘The Fields,’ with plenty of flora to stare at as sunlight flitters through hashed leaves, acting as temporary distractions for Prophet and Psycho while trumping through the game’s Nanodome.

Crysis 3 is shaping up to be one of the most incredible looking (and playing!) games of 2013 – we would recommend you watch the new gameplay video below and make up your own mind…

… but wait just one second – before you do, be sure to read Lisa’s excellent hands-on previews of Crysis 3 over here and o’er here for her opinions on why this could be one of the greatest games of next year.

OK, now continue below:

Crysis 3 – Singleplayer Gameplay Preview: The Fields

Crysis 3 Screenshot 2

Crysis 3 Screenshot 3

If you like, you can watch the very same video as above, but with commentary by Crytek’s Mike Reed who fills us in on a few details:

Crysis 3 – Developer Walkthrough: The Fields

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