El33t’s Question of the Day: Do next-gen game development costs have to double?

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As we barrel into the respective ‘Last Hurrahs’ for the current generation of consoles and look forward to the release of a new PlayStation and Xbox in the next year or two, game developers will once again need to learn new tools and practices to get the most out of the new hardware.

To take full advantage of that technology, development costs are set to once again sky-rocket as many more developers will be needed to create more detailed worlds for us to play through, and more life-life characters to interact with… but does it have to be this way? This Question of the Day asks:

Do next-gen game development costs have to double?

Speaking at the Montreal International Game Summit, Epic Games technology guru and genius Tim Sweeney spoke on the kinds of costs involved in creating games for next generation consoles and hardware, saying that he expects these expenses to double (at least) in the coming years, compared to working on current games.

Employing hundreds of artists and designers to work on a game for 18 months is very costly indeed, but do developers have to push the technology to the limit and spend years creating visuals and sketching out universes? Isn’t the current level of graphics fidelity enough? What about alternate graphical styles to make up for a lack of detail?

Do you think next-generation console game development costs necessarily have to double (or quadruple, as Sweeney mentions), or is there another way?

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