Cliff Bleszinski gets an offer he can refuse… from Ubisoft

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Sure, it’s a little gauche writing about the internet and Twitter ‘leavings’ of videogame luminaries, but this one is potentially very exciting…

After departing Epic Games in October this year, Cliff Bleszinski has been touring around the US with his wife, while visiting other game developers and making stops at awesome places like Disneyland.

What’s news from Mr. Bleszinski today? He’s just received a phone from Ubisoft… or, maybe Ubisoft…

Cliff Bleszinski Ubisoft Phone Image 1

Tweeting a little earlier today, Bleszinski wrote:

“Hotel called my room. A package for me? Inside? A fully charged phone with one [number] programmed and the Ubisoft logo on the backdrop. Now what?”

A few minutes later, he followed up with a photo of the phone:

“What, you thought I was kidding about the phone?!”

Cliff Bleszinski Ubisoft Phone Image 2

Now what indeed. Is Ubisoft trying to lure Cliff Bleszinski into the publisher’s fold?

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