Vergil will be playable in Devil May Cry DLC, action-packed gameplay trailer released

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Capcom has announced that Vergil, Dante’s twin brother, will be playable in the upcoming Devil May Cry. According to the publisher, fans have been requesting that Vergil be a playable character in the game since it was revealed that he would be part of DmC.

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Vergil’s Downfall is a new chapter in the game, featuring hours of new gamplay, unlockables and leaderboards….and four difficulty levels This chapter tells the story of how Vergil slots in with the main story in the game. Vergil plays very differently from his twin brother and has his own unique weapons and combos to defeat the new enemies that he will face.

Watch the gameplay trailer below to see Vergil in action in DmC:

The Vergil’s Downfall additional content will be available post-launch, and will cost you 720 Microsoft Points or $8.99. If you pre-order the game from GameStop in the US or EBGames in Canada you will receive the content for free.

Devil May Cry Vergil Screenshot

Devil May Cry is out in January 2013 – dive into El33tonline’s extensive previous coverage for more screenshots and trailers, and read over our hands-on preview and interview with Ninja Theory, too, for more information.

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