New Devil May Cry gameplay video and performance capture diary reveal more of the DmC universe

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Capcom has released a wave of new information about the upcoming Devil May Cry over the past few days. In addition to news that Vergil will be playable in the new Vergil’s Downfall DLC that will be available post-launch, the publisher has also given us a glimpse into a mission from the game with a new gameplay trailer and a behind-the-scenes look at how the Mundus and Lilith characters were brought to life with a performance capture video.

DmC Screenshot 1

The new gameplay from the ‘Home Truth’ mission shows Dante learning more about his past, but please be warned that the video does contain mild spoilers so watch with caution.

Caution: mild spoilers

The official word from Capcom is that you’ll visit this stage early on in the game, the publisher also pointed out that this stage is in stark contrast to the other areas we’ve already seen in gameplay footage.

“While there is still definitely a surreal or ethereal element, we’re also seeing a return to the hollow, gothic type of environment generally associated with past Devil May Cry games. It’s also a bit more exploratory than some of the more action-focused locales we’ve been showing off.”

You may not be aware that developer Ninja Theory worked out of the same capturing studio used for the film Avatar, they worked hard to capture body and facial movements as well as voice from the actors to bring a “rare level of subtlety and nuance in the game’s characters and story segments.”

Devil May Cry Performance Capture Mundus

Mundus from Devil May Cry

You can watch part 1 of the performance capture diaries below, featuring footage and interviews with the game’s performers who bring life to Mundus and Lilith.

Devil May Cry is out in January 2013 – dive into El33tonline’s extensive previous coverage for more screenshots and trailers, and read over our hands-on preview and interview with Ninja Theory, too, for more information.

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