Skyfall mission available now for 007 Legends on PS3, new trailer outlines the action

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007 Legends from Activision and Eurocom contains missions inspired by five of the greatest James Bond adventures we’ve witnessed on the silver screen, but the game was ostensibly created to celebrate 50 years of super spy heritage and release in time for this year’s latest film, Skyfall.

007 Legends Banner Logo (Temp)

Oddly enough, 007 Legends didn’t house a mission from Skyfall out of the box, but the team instead opted to release this portion of the game as downloadable content. When can owners of the game enjoy action from Skyfall? Right now… if you’re playing on PlayStation 3.

If you’re playing on PC or Xbox 360, the Skyfall mission for 007 Legends will become available on November 20th

Here’s the setup:

“Capping off the first-of-its-kind James Bond video game experience, the Skyfall mission sends players into the heart of Istanbul to hunt down a brutal assassin. It quickly turns into an epic chase, taking fans on a treacherous pursuit that ends atop a speeding train as a mysterious sniper nearly ends Bond’s life.

“After overcoming death itself, 007 must track down his target across the world to Shanghai for a final showdown to uncover the truth…”

Truly – here’s the mission’s trailer:

007 Legends: SKYFALL – Trailer

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