Gears of War Wednesday: Time to throw down some curb stomps!

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It’s been a rough past few Gears Wednesdays recently with the influx of awesome new games which I assume have only temporarily distracted our soldiers and then most recently there was Superstorm Sandy that has caused a fair bit of havoc with our local servers. But the Gears Wednesday core has remained faithful, I mean there’s a locust horde to defeat!

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And last week I figured out the real
why our ranks have been depleted, it turns out Johannesburg
has fallen
to the locust. All because the Europeans were off fighting Russia or something. But as proud Africans we could not take this lying down, we had to fight back and avenge our fallen. Yes, this week we picked up what was left and took the fight to Europe itself!
As Supanov4 ZA put it “Gears Wednesday has gone International!”

If you searched for a little while during this you would most likely have ended up in an international European game. It may have been a bit more laggy than usual, but once we got used to it we were able to take the fight to the frontlines. With the assistance of BEANIB1LITY, LegendKiller ZA, Muj33b and Supanov4 ZA we showed them what we were really capable of. They literally never knew what was hitting them.

Now I myself have been absent from the field for a few weeks but it pleased me immensely when I would hear that Gears Wednesday was still going on. It’s become self-sustaining, so if you want to throw down some curb stomps, know that every Wednesday we’ll still be fighting the good fight.

Thanks to all that joined for the games, private and abroad and we’ll see the rest of you next week!

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