Battlefield 3 War Report: We came, we saw, we conquered

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Last week we had some of the longest battles in Battlefield 3 Friday history. It was married soldiers vs non-married soldiers. I can tell you this, the battles were huge and we had an awesome time. Let me tell you what went down.

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We started off the evening with Team Deathmatch and it was really fast and epic. On one team was CrazyErick, Piglet DE and POItjie. On the other side was Smuroh and GunnerJunkie. In true Smuroh fashion he was camping somewhere and managed to kill us, but sometimes he was found and was shot down so fast his head would spin. GunnerJunkie was running around with his favorite weapon, the girly MP7. The reason why we call it the girly MP7 is because the weapon is very over powered and any girl or noob will be able to get a kill with it. Not that I’m saying GunnerJunkie is a noob, as he has managed to take my tags the most out of everyone that played Battlefield 3 Friday.

During our second round of Team Deathmatch we saw some more soldiers join the battle. Smuroh and I had a little scrap and it was all started by me for taking his tags early in the match. He did manage to claim the tags back during a battle I was having with Griff3nZA and RowanatorZA. I felt sad for RowanatorZA as he kept running into my bullets in that match and I managed to score two, not just one but two nemesis ribbons for killing him. Smuroh also managed to lose all his tags to the Truter duo.

Our third match was a Conquest match with 1250 tickets. This match was so huge it lasted for a full hour and 6 minutes. With us all in the same Xbox LIVE party, the other team came up with some very interesting code names for their objectives so we didn’t know where they were and where they were going. Some of these codes names were Our House, Neighbors House, the Shed, Taking the Kids for a Drive, Angry Mother, Dragonfly and many more. With the battle being so long, we were guaranteed epic battles. Like the other matches of the evening, GunnerJunkie and RowanatorZA managed to claim my tags. It’s like a sport for them.

Our final match of the evening lasted for 55 minutes. We had some interesting dune buggy races and some epic skills with the buggies were displayed. With me doing this amazing ‘Duke of Hazards’ jump, Smuroh tried to follow me but managed to drive into a wall before he hit the actual jump. Griff3nZA’s buggy was blown up on lap two and was waiting for a replacement.

Thank you to all the El33t Soldiers that joined in and felt the battle.

  • Griff3nZA
  • Piglet DE
  • CrazyErick
  • Smuroh
  • GunnerJunkie
  • RowanatorZA
  • REF71
  • POItjie

See you all this Friday for some more epic battles. Join us at 8:15pm on Xbox LIVE and Feel the Battle.

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