Sackboy’s Near Space adventure, photos and video included!

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We all know him, we all love him, but most of us won’t realise that he just returned from (near) space this week.

We’re talking about LittleBigPlanet’s popular hessian hero Sackboy of course, and how he was launched into the sackosphere by PlayStation Australia and brought back incredible pictures of Earth.

Sackboy's Near Space Adventure Photo 1

Sackboy was launched 50 kilometres outside West Wyalong, his “meteorological balloon was filled with five cubic metres of helium, expanding to a 30 foot diameter and soaring to 95,000 feet before popping.”

The flight rigging was fitted with GPS and wireless modules so the launch team could track Sackboy up to 32 kilometres. Four Sony Action Cams were stitched together on the rigging to capture a 360 degree panoramic view of his journey.

Sackboy's Near Space Adventure Photo 3

Sackboy “zoomed upwards at over 15 feet per second as a north-north westerly breeze pushed him up to speeds over 90 km/h.” The launch team found him over 69 kilometres from his launch site in the landing zone, safe and sound back on our planet.

Sackboy's Near Space Adventure Photo 2

Check out the footage captured in flight from Sackboy’s Project (Near) Space adventure below:

Mission complete!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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