Portal 2 In Motion arrives on the US PlayStation Store next week, full game getting Move support

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Portal 2 In Motion Screenshot 1

PlayStation Move hasn’t received a huge amount of developer support this year but Portal 2 fans will soon be able to play the game using the peripheral as well as purchase some brand new Portal 2 DLC that’s specifically designed around PS Move’s motion sensing capabilities.

“Portal 2 In Motion” will be released next Tuesday, November 6th, for $9.99. Developed by Sixense Studios, this DLC introduces new gameplay mechanics such as scaling and rotation of objects as well as portal surfing. These abilities are required to progress through an increasingly challenging set of test chambers that serve up plenty of new brain-teasers for Portal 2 fans.

Here’s the latest trailer for Portal 2 In Motion:

Besides the new DLC arriving on November 6th, Portal 2 will be available as a digital download from the US PlayStation Store on the same day. A patch will be also be released next Tuesday that introduces full Move support for Portal 2’s single-player and cooperative campaigns.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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