Gunnar Optiks – A Buyer’s Guide for the only set of eyewear you’ll ever need

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I’ve been wearing Gunnar Optiks every single day now for several weeks, to really get a proper feel for them by putting them through a stress test in every possible scenario whether it’s gaming, work or reading. Of the five samples provided to me, I took a fond liking to the Wi-Five Espresso model for its look, fit and overall comfort. We agree that Gunnar Optiks look great, they have incredible appeal especially amongst gamers, the benefits all sound believable, but the biggest question has been are they worth the fairly high price tag?

In this in-depth review, I speak about every use a pair of eyewear can and should serve, broken down into categories for you the reader to form your own decisions based on what your personal usage would be.

Gunnar Optiks

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