El33t’s Pre-Weekend Post: Assassin’s, pancakes and top secret assignments

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It’s that time of the week again where we get ready to put our feet up and enjoy some good ol’ fashioned (and hard-earned) R & R. Here’s what the El33t team will be up to this weekend, what are your exciting plans for this weekend p33ps?

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Of Orcs and Men, FIFA Manager 13, Assassin’s Creed 1, 2 and 3 (yes I bought them all), cycling, sleeping and having an awesome time with the family (in no particular order).

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This weekend I’ll be putting my feet up and playing as much Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation as I can cram in. Corrie (my wife) also managed to get us a free buffet breakfast at Joe Cool’s via Groupon so we’ll be heading to the seaside on Sunday morning for pancakes and poached eggs.

I’m hoping to catch a movie or two during the break as well. Any recommendations p33ps?

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Man, it’s been a rough week! Being a parent is always rewarding but at times it can be tough! I’m looking forward to the w33kend to spend some quality time with my lovely family and have a few activities lined up too. My son’s photo shoot was done earlier in the week and the photo’s have been delivered so I’ll be sorting through them.

I’ve also got a TOP SECRET assignment with some buddies and I’ve got a send-off for my mother-in-law who’s going to Aus for few weeks. Oh, and I’m on standby (sob). Maybe the best remedy for my rough week is to get a bit of Walking Dead into my system – that horrible universe of death, destruction and betrayal is enough to cheer anybody up in comparison to what minor problems we have in life!

As a friend so wisely told me, every cloud has a silver lining and I think I see the sun popping his head out so always look on the bright side*, eh?

(* Always use protective eye-wear when looking AT the bright side… and stay away from the light if you’re in a long dark tunnel…)

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The past few weeks have been super busy with awesome games to play, and I haven’t been able to head back into Pandora for quite some time. Not that I’m complaining, having too many awesome games to play is quite a good problem to have as a gamer! I still hope to spend some time with Resident Evil 6 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted this weekend, but Borderlands 2 is definitely my top pick for the next two days.

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