Battlefield 3 War Cry – Things that go Boom

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It is always guaranteed that there will be some epic battles and stuff will go boom. It is well known for a Battlefield 3 Friday. Tonight will be no different. I will make it my personal mission to destroy as much as possible. Are you ready to join me on this mission of destruction?

Battlefield Friday

Last week we had some outrageous fun, and we had some epic long but great battles. I think we will start the evening off with some Conquest Domination and then jump over to everything else. It will be an all rounder this evening, putting all your skills to the test. Have you mastered base jumping and sniping at the same time? Will you be doing drive-by shootings and maybe even drive-by revives?

Come show us your Battlefield 3 skills and have your name engraved with the BF3 masters of all time. Support your squad and they will look after you. Hear funny names being made up for the objectives. See how a camper (aka sniper) gets his tags taken. Join POItjie, CrazyErick, Smuroh and Griff3nZA for some awesome fun. The battles start at 8:15pm this evening on Xbox LIVE.

Remember to feel the battle and have fun. That is what it is all about. You never know, you might see Piglet DE take someone’s tags and she only takes tags of the people that are important.

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