Battlefield 3 War Report – Victory was ours

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Due to some health issue last week, I decided I would only do three to four rounds of Battlefield 3 Friday. So I started off alone in some Gunmaster and finished off a very bad fourth overall. Then I jumped into some tank battles for some armoured kills. I was joined by CrazyErick and after two rounds of tank battles we jumped over to Conquest. We started off very well and were joined by GunnerJunkie. I have to tell you we were a team to fear.

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This one round on Damavand Peak, we got hold of a tank, and we set up a defensive line and we stood our ground. GunnerJunkie was our recon and told us if anything was heading our way, CrazyErick was our dedicated spotter/engineer by targeting everything and repairing the tank when we got hit. We had some random dude on the machine gun, keeping CrazyErick covered while he was doing repairs. Just to mention we weren’t spawn camping as we set up a defense line between two objectives.

We then jumped over to some other conquest maps. One match lasted over 49 minutes. The enemy had two tanks, as they stole ours. I still don’t know how they stole our tank, but we had some epic battles. The map was Seine Crossing and we made sure we worked well as a team, our mother of revives was MIA, so I took on the role of keeping everyone alive and killing the ones that shot back at us.

As the night got older, we were joined by more and more soldiers. Griff3nZA and RowanatorZA made an entrance and the war was on. CrazyErick and myself got moved around so many times on this one map by the admin, we didn’t know who we were fighting against.

El33tOliver made a late entry into the battlefield and joined the Durban Squad. We went up against the Cape Town/Pretoria Squad. Griff3nZA had this funny thing of running into my bullets so many times. Out of the whole evening, I kept my tags safe, even in the 49 minute match and then it happened. I was busy fighting Griff3nZA and GunnerJunkie and bam, RowanatorZA comes from behind and claims my tags, but he got shot down so fast by El33tOliver that I didn’t see the need for revenge.

There were many victories and some non-victories. Some new nemesis was made as CrazyErick got killed by some guy called Cheesy-something and I had a big battle with someone called Lonewanderer. But the battles were fun and I enjoyed myself. Thanks to everyone that joined in and made Battlefield 3 Friday awesome. Just want to mention, Oltman can join us this Friday as he didn’t download the latest patch and couldn’t join in on the action last week.

Soldiers on the Battlefield:

  • GunnerJunkie
  • RowanatorZA
  • Griff3nZA
  • POItjie
  • El33toliver
  • CrazyErick

See you all on the battlefield this Friday. Remember, Feel the Battle!

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