Stop Zombie Mouth with PopCap Games this Halloween!

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October 30th is Halloween, formerly known as All Hallows’ Eve, which was formerly known as All Saints’ Day, which was formerly known as Samhain.

The history of Halloween shows just how much the tradition, much like the annual costumes of today’s generation, has changed over the centuries. What started out as a Celtic festival to ward off roaming ghosts has slowly evolved into our modern version – an evening of grisly cosplay with plenty of candy consumption.

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The average trick-or-treater consumes nearly 20kg of candy, sweets, and sugar over the period of 28 October to 3 November++ and it’s a serious problem for dental hygiene. Thankfully, PopCap Games and the ADA (American Dental Association) recognise how important our teeth are and they’ve teamed up this year to redefine what a Halloween ‘treat’ can be by deciding to give away fun instead of candy!

As their blurb at says, “[they’re] giving away Plants vs. Zombies download games as a sugar-free alternative, and you can join in the fun.”

So what are we waiting for, people? Get yourself a free coupon, and while you’re at it, stash up a bunch in your reception area of your home so that when you get beset upon by miniaturised zombie-wannabes you can give them the gift of gaming instead of the gift of gum decay.

Halitosis? That is your prognosis:

Plants vs. Zombies & the ADA Present: Stop Zombie Mouth!

(++ I made that fact up because I needed something to lead into the paragraph.)

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