Announcing the El33t P33p of the Month for August 2012!

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El33tonline is very proud and excited to announce the next El33t P33p of the Month of 2012, who will not only appear on our coveted Wall of Fame, but will also receive a special token of thanks to show our appreciation for their contribution to El33tonline and the amazing gaming community.

Who is El33tonline’s El33t P33p of the Month for August 2012?

Congratulations to Brandon October, who we also like to call fletbed! He was El33t P33p for the month of September 2011, and now he’s cracked the nod again and become El33tonline’s ‘El33t P33p of the Month’ for August 2012!

Brandon is such a prankster. A jokester. And a singer! He always cracks us up with his awesome comments on El33tonline, as well as on Facebook, while his antics during Gears of War 3 are both hilarious and creepy indeed. It’s always slightly disturbing to hear fletbed cooing soothingly in our ears with soft, silly songs, while running around revving his chainsaw before exclaiming “I love you… I love you to pieces!” and ripping us apart.

Thank-you for your gift of song and raucous humour, Brandon – the world would be a very dull place without you! Never stop being so awesome, you hear?

You’ll soon be receiving 20GB of Afrihost-sponsored ADSL bandwidth, as well as a points voucher for the digital distribution service of your choice (Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network).

Naturally, you’ve once again earned a place on the El33t P33p Wall of Fame!

Congratulations Brandon!

Thank-you to all members of the El33tonline community for your daily comments, contributions and feedback, as well as your support of our community initiatives like Gears of War Wednesday and Battlefield Friday.

We appreciate each and every comment, Facebook conversation and Twitter tweet! Thanks to everyone in this the community – keep doing what you do best!

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