Report: Grand Theft Auto V due for release in ‘Spring’ 2013, official artwork photo appears

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One of the big mysterious in the videogame world concerns the release window for one of the industry’s biggest titles, the next Grand Theft Auto game.

For most of 2012, series fans and even industry experts were convinced that Grand Theft Auto V would launch at the tail-end of the year, but that was largely based on hope and speculation. Today, however, we might have just received some real evidence suggesting an early 2013 release for Rockstar’s next blockbuster.

GTA V Launch Date Banner

Captured and posted by Polish Grand Theft Auto fansite, GTA Five, what appears to be official poster and promotion artwork for GTA V has worked its way into the wild.

The artwork looks as though it’s just rolled off of the printing production line and touts a ‘Spring’ 2013 release date for GTA V, which for those of us not in North America, means any time from March until May.

Keeping Rockstar’s previous releases in mind, we’re going to bet Grand Theft Auto V will be out in May 2013.

GTA V Launch Date Image 1

Also of note on the artwork is that only Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms make an appearance – no PC, or even Wii U, symbols adorn the posters.

What do you think? Is Spring 2013 when we can expect Rockstar’s next entry to its open-world action series? Are you excited for Grand Theft Auto V?

GTA V Launch Date Image 2

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